The unit presents a campaign appearance of mid 1864 reflecting recruiting transfers from other branches and conscription camps, mixed components from field aquisition, field issues, and individually modified components.
HEAD GEAR - The Engineer was generally issued a standard grey kepi with out any insignia, stripes or adornment. The tides of war would often provide opportunities for Engineers and other soliders alike to replace the kepi with felt slouch hats, bummers, etc.
Shirts must be the pull over blouse period style in an off white, or other civilian pattern,
A period military style  vest in blue, black, tan or grey is an option
Cartidge Box - American, Confederate or Engish issue from 1855 to 1865 in black or undyed leather.
Cap Box - American, Confederate or English issue in black or undyed leather.
Waist Belt and Buckle Confederate frame or English issue or an upside down US buckle on a black or undyed Leather belt.
Bayonet to match the musket or long blade belt knife
Haversack - button down cloth or leather over the shoulder sack for gear.
Canteen as issued by US or CS forces is an option.
JACKET - Richmond Depot Style Shell Jacket in Cadet grey or like color; 9-button front; CSA or "E" Buttons recommended.
Early pattern (1863) jackets have epulettes, post 1864 do not.
Chevrons, when authorized, may be black or white.
PANTS - Dark blue/grey broadfall jean cloth pants  or blue, grey, butternut wool period style pants.
Pants were not belted, suspenders are required, recommend white, black,dark blue, or tan.
Engineers would have black trim or no trim on the seams. Later in the war, the trim was less prevalent in all branches.

FOOTWEAR -  Model 1862 Black Cavalry Boots; Period Brogans prefered. Optionally  black or brown lace up shoes may be worn. Inclement weather may call for water repellent boots.
RANK and iNSIGNIA - The orginal Enginers were generally organized as infantry, but the enisted ranks had labororers and artisiats with skills in construction. Officers had training and/or experiance in engineering and/or construction. The skill set was considered important enough that the pay scale was higher than the other branches across the board.
In our current unit, there are no officiers, we are enlisted up to one Sergeant or another. All our team leadership is elected every two years. Team command is under the command of a Sergeant Major. the rest of the leadership is comprosed of First Sergeants, Quartermaster Sergeants, and Sergeants. Company leadership or thise who are (N-SSA) veterans of ten years or more are eligiable for the rank of Corproal. First year members are Recruits. Engineers wore either black or white insignia.