About Us
Our team was formed in 1962 at the beginning of the 100 anniversary of the War Between the States. We are modeled on the original First Regiment Engineers who served in the Army of Northern Virginia under General R.E. Lee.
Our equipment and uniforms are based on the confederate combat engineers recruited from every other branch.
Typically, we shoot our the N-SSA home range in Winchester VA.
We generally shoot one match as a team every month from April to October. Team members will attand as often as they can or desire. More shooting...more fun!
We have a perment campsite located at the NSSA home range in Winchester VA. The campsite and range is open to all members 365 days a year.
Specific Resources for original unit history

1. First Regiment Engineer Troops, P.A.C.S., Harry L. Jackson and Ronald A. Ellis, R.A.E. Design and Pub (December 1998) ISBN-13: 978-0966672909

2. American Civil War Armies (3): Staff, Specialist and Maritime Services, Osprey-Men-At-Arms Series, Number 179, Philip Katcher and Ron Volstad, Osprey Pubishing London, ISBN 0-85045-722-X, Plate G

3. Uniforms of the Civil War in Color, Philip Haythornwaite, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York, ISBN 0-8069-5846-4, plates 34 and 46

4. History of the Fourth Regiment, S.C. Volunteers, J W Reid, Morningside Bookshop, Dayton Ohio, ISBN 0-89029-018-0 (Note to reader; the author spent his military time in the 4th SC and the !st Regt Engineers, the book covers both)