Dec 17 and 18, 2016 - The team was represened at the Salem Gun Show on a recruiting tour.
Jan - no matches scheduled, members of the regiment are encourged to refit and resupply. For those who can, all those who live in Virginia are encourged to attend the Lobby Day (Jan 19) event sponsored by the Virginia Citizens Defense League to lobby for protection and extensions of firearms rights in Virginia.

Jan also has Lee Jackson Day, Friday, Jan 16th. Take a moment to remeber the sacrifice of our Confederate ancestors.
Feb - no matches scheduled

March - no matches are planned, but if the weather warms up enough, those who can shoud brea out rifles.

April - To be determined

May - The regiment will be help to host the Central Virginia Regionals in early May.

May - third weekend, NSSA Nationals

June - To be determined

July - To be determined

August - To be determined

September - To be determined

October - first weekend, NSSA Nationals

November - To be determined

December - No matches planned